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OK, I Admit it; I Really, Really Love Baseball Cards

Hi Folks,

   OK, I have to admit it; I love baseball cards. I have placed myself in just such a way that I am over my head with stacks of cards that I've been buying nonstop. I'm not talking junk either. I am talking 84 Topps Traded Set, and 12 pounds (yes, 12 pounds) of card assortments.

   If I only spent more of that time listing cards on the site, you'd have even more variety and I'd have more room. Somebody stop me, please !!!

A few of our latest additions:

1972 Topps Pete Rose In Action, Graded an 8

2015 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Short Print (SP)

1966 Topps Joe Morgan

Remember:, that's just a small taste of things to come. Check the site daily!

   The list goes on and on, including a slew of new Kris Bryant cards.
Check it out and help me clear some space by visiting

Also, note that the Long Island National @ Hofstra is coming up on 4/16 & 4/17. The show is run by JP's Sports & Rock Solid Promotions. Every show get's better t…

Everything seems to be Mike Trout lately; Don't forget Bryce Harper!

Hi folks,
   Mike Trout here. Just kidding!
   Or am I?

   Every generation in baseball has that one player who stands out leaps and bounds above the rest. When I say this, I mean not only because of their ferocious swing, lightning fast speed, or their ability to wrap it all together with a friendly smile and confidently happy laugh. I don't have to tell you about a personal favorite during the last phase of this evolution, but I should mention his name; Ken Griffey Jr. Always smiling, happy to be alive, present in the moment realizing that he is in the midst of living "The Dream", and knowing his age and not taking one single moment of it for granted. Close seconds for this honor were both Mike Piazza, and being the Anti-Yankee, I still need to be impartial here and say Derek Jeter. Strong, Silent leaders, both team captains with a warm-hearted smile and both mentally present in living their dreams. Not to mention, some pretty fast-moving Rookie Cards!

   Now, back the…