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A Message; Collectors of Baseball Cards, Pokémon Cards, Coins & Comics

Hi Folks,
   The Holiday season is right upon us, and I hope you've been enjoying yourselves, or at the very minimum, coping well with the crowds on the roads and in the malls.

   This is a special message for each collector of Baseball Cards/Sports Cards, Pokémon Cards, Coins, and Comic Books.

   To our friends who collect Baseball Cards and Sports Cards, hello my people! May your 2017 be bright, may the paint on your cards be glossy and shiny. May your Chrome cards be void of finger-prints. May all 4 of your corners be sharp, May 2017 be centered, with solid borders all around. May all of your grades contain the word "Mint". Just "Mint", with perhaps a Gem included, as well. May you stock up on the right prospect rookie card, but most of all, may your year be full of Joy!

   To the Pokémon Card collecting segment of our customers, who adore those glistening Ex Cards. I hope 2017 brings you nothing but Rare and Uncommon success, possibly even Ultra Rare. May y…

The Worst Advice About Baseball Cards I've Ever Received

Hi Friends and Fellow Collectors,

   They say it's good to dwell on the positive things in life, but sometimes, it's healthy to hop over to the dark-side for a bit and reflect on some of the wacky (but with good intentions) advice I've received over the years regarding baseball cards, from buying, collecting, investing, and selling. I'll share some of these events chronologically so you can appreciate the time and setting in which I was the recipient of these tidbits of advice.

   Well, about 30 years ago, my aunt and uncle used to come over to my house a couple of times per week, and they brought up the idea that I was spending too much time organizing my cards, building sets and preparing for and selling at card shows. They started hinting about how it might be best for me to start tapering down my collecting habit, since it might be hindering my schoolwork, and really, where was I going in life by collecting and selling baseball cards? Why was that bad advice? What …

9 Striking Similarities Between Baseball Cards and the Stock Market

Hi Friends,

  For those of us who not only collect baseball cards but invest in them as well, it's daunting when you look at the similarities between the Stock Market and the Baseball Card Market. Being a former registered stockbroker for a few years back in the early 90's (yes, during the "JUNK WAX" overproduction era of baseball cards; it's not a coincidence!), I'm able to draw some real parallels, and I'll break them down for you.

1) Players, very simply, are the "Stocks". They are pieces of a whole, but sold individually. If you feel strongly about a player, you invest in him by buying his cards. Simple enough, right?

2) Teams are a collection of players, just like a company is made up of a collection of stocks, or shares in its profit. The better the Team does, the better the stocks fair in the eyes of the public. Some players do outshine the others. We can call them "Preferred Stock" vs. "Common Stock", as they pay divide…

Steve Carlton Photo-Bombed by Gary Matthews; The Top 5 Oddest Baseball Card Errors

Hi Friends,
   Well, as you probably know, there are a lot of errors woven into the fabric of each hobby. In Stamp Collecting, there is a coveted upside down airplane stamp worth thousands, if not millions. In coin collecting, there are certain doubled-die error coins that can run into the multiple thousands of dollars. In the baseball card hobby, we have some pretty cool errors, but maybe not as expensive as some of the errors in the previously-mentioned hobbies. We do happen to own the claim to one of the most expensive and rarest items, the T206 Honus Wagner card. However, for the sake of staying on topic, let's take a look at the top 5 oddest baseball card error cards.

1984 Topps Steve Carlton/Gary Matthews:

This one is straight comical, as the 1984 Topps theme was to have the player image with a headshot of the player at the bottom. This card appears to be a production room faux paux. Either that or Gary Matthews was trying to get "Silent Steve" Carlton to actually s…

10 Things You Must Have When Visiting Your Next Baseball Card Show

Hello Friends,
   Last month, we took a real hard look at what it takes to sell at a card show, and we made a nice, portable list of everything you need (

   I will make this assumption that not only do you sell, but you buy as well either to re-sell, or just for the sheer fun of the hobby. In that case, you can't just walk into a card show and yell, "I'm here". It won't work, I've been there, and have been asked to leave the premises. Just kidding (or am I?). Seriously, you have to go in there prepared and equipped to get exactly what you need and what you want. Let's break down some more reality together, shall we?

   Let's start with the basics here; what do you need to buy? Money, yes, that's a given. But what cards do you need to buy? That's need your lists of cards required to fill sets you are working on.

#1 Lists of cards required to co…

Collectibles Markets Stronger Than Ever, as cited in our Press Release

Hi Folks,
    I hope you're having a great week.

   We just wanted to share the 1st Press Release that has been written about us, which was titled;
   "New website proves interest in baseball cards, coins, collectibles markets stronger than ever",

   The Release is being featured in Google News nationally and globally right now, and the full Release can be seen at:

   For the sake of making things easier, the news organization that created and published this Press Release suggested that we paste a copy of it here for our large blog readership. So, here it is:

For Immediate Release: New website proves interest in baseball cards, coins, collectibles markets stronger than ever

May 23: While kids today are collecting the latest trend in gimmicky Japanese trinkets, kids of another generation are circulating a huge volume of sports cards of all major sport…

The Top 10 Critical Things You Need When Selling at a Baseball Card Show; The Essential Guide

Hi Folks,

   I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, and for baseball fans, I hope that your favorite team is where you want them to be, EXCEPT if they are in the same division as my New York Mets! Is there any more hair to pull out of this head of mine? Let's not go down that ugly road. It's so ugly, we'll call it fugly (umm, RTFM, lol!)

   I don't know about you, but I still get those first date jitters the night before selling at a card show. The thought of all of the people, and seeing some great friends and talking sports and cashing out a little, all shares the same headspace with the thought of all of those hours and being cut off from anything outside of my little table-zone. And then the stomach rumbling starts just from the thought of hunger!

   So, in order to combat this psychosis of mine, I made a list of the top 10 things you need to have in place and with you when selling at a Baseball Card show (or Sports card show of any kind, Coin shows, or even …

The 'Conforto Factor' Jumpstarts Investment in Baseball Cards

Hi friends,
    I hope you're all having a great week so far. Lots of exciting things happening in so many sports that I have whiplash from all of the channels and TVs I've got going!

   In terms of MLB, Trevor Story, is of course, the captivating story of the moment, but ever the die -hard Mets fan, I recall former 80's Met Danny Heep, a virtual blip on the radar unless you are from New York (or Houston), when he took a .400 batting average into late April, early May, before fading back into the shadows.

   Now, the 'Conforto Factor', which I named after Michael Conforto, is what I really want to tell you about. Conforto, a very young rookie with the Mets, joins a cast of young players, including fire-baller Noah Syndergaard, who we'll refer to as "NS" for sake of making too many typos. NS is on fire, and my prediction is that a no-hitter is imminent for him....this season.

   However, there is one factor that simply awes me, and it is not the power…

OK, I Admit it; I Really, Really Love Baseball Cards

Hi Folks,

   OK, I have to admit it; I love baseball cards. I have placed myself in just such a way that I am over my head with stacks of cards that I've been buying nonstop. I'm not talking junk either. I am talking 84 Topps Traded Set, and 12 pounds (yes, 12 pounds) of card assortments.

   If I only spent more of that time listing cards on the site, you'd have even more variety and I'd have more room. Somebody stop me, please !!!

A few of our latest additions:

1972 Topps Pete Rose In Action, Graded an 8

2015 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Short Print (SP)

1966 Topps Joe Morgan

Remember:, that's just a small taste of things to come. Check the site daily!

   The list goes on and on, including a slew of new Kris Bryant cards.
Check it out and help me clear some space by visiting

Also, note that the Long Island National @ Hofstra is coming up on 4/16 & 4/17. The show is run by JP's Sports & Rock Solid Promotions. Every show get's better t…

Everything seems to be Mike Trout lately; Don't forget Bryce Harper!

Hi folks,
   Mike Trout here. Just kidding!
   Or am I?

   Every generation in baseball has that one player who stands out leaps and bounds above the rest. When I say this, I mean not only because of their ferocious swing, lightning fast speed, or their ability to wrap it all together with a friendly smile and confidently happy laugh. I don't have to tell you about a personal favorite during the last phase of this evolution, but I should mention his name; Ken Griffey Jr. Always smiling, happy to be alive, present in the moment realizing that he is in the midst of living "The Dream", and knowing his age and not taking one single moment of it for granted. Close seconds for this honor were both Mike Piazza, and being the Anti-Yankee, I still need to be impartial here and say Derek Jeter. Strong, Silent leaders, both team captains with a warm-hearted smile and both mentally present in living their dreams. Not to mention, some pretty fast-moving Rookie Cards!

   Now, back the…

Where Are the CARDS on

Hi Folks,
   It's been some time since I touched base, and I just received a question from one of my direct buyers who filled out the contact form and said, "Hey, Rob....something is missing from your site. Like Cards?". Oh yeah, that.

   Well, I can blame this one and that one and the dog and everyone else, but the latency falls on my shoulders with that. Now, don't get me wrong, we have 80+ products posted, covering baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, coins, Pokemon Cards, and Comic Books, but this batch was only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

  Now here follows my excuse, which again, falls on me; Getting items listed on the website is one of the most massive undertakings I've had to work through. Between preparing the scans, getting the grading done by the entire grading team and then creating the Ads...this all takes time. When you add in someone who is a "petty perfectionist" (me), you are looking at an hour per Ad. Yes, I know,…