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10 Things You Must Have When Visiting Your Next Baseball Card Show

Hello Friends,
   Last month, we took a real hard look at what it takes to sell at a card show, and we made a nice, portable list of everything you need (

   I will make this assumption that not only do you sell, but you buy as well either to re-sell, or just for the sheer fun of the hobby. In that case, you can't just walk into a card show and yell, "I'm here". It won't work, I've been there, and have been asked to leave the premises. Just kidding (or am I?). Seriously, you have to go in there prepared and equipped to get exactly what you need and what you want. Let's break down some more reality together, shall we?

   Let's start with the basics here; what do you need to buy? Money, yes, that's a given. But what cards do you need to buy? That's need your lists of cards required to fill sets you are working on.

#1 Lists of cards required to co…