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The 'Conforto Factor' Jumpstarts Investment in Baseball Cards

Hi friends,
    I hope you're all having a great week so far. Lots of exciting things happening in so many sports that I have whiplash from all of the channels and TVs I've got going!

   In terms of MLB, Trevor Story, is of course, the captivating story of the moment, but ever the die -hard Mets fan, I recall former 80's Met Danny Heep, a virtual blip on the radar unless you are from New York (or Houston), when he took a .400 batting average into late April, early May, before fading back into the shadows.

   Now, the 'Conforto Factor', which I named after Michael Conforto, is what I really want to tell you about. Conforto, a very young rookie with the Mets, joins a cast of young players, including fire-baller Noah Syndergaard, who we'll refer to as "NS" for sake of making too many typos. NS is on fire, and my prediction is that a no-hitter is imminent for him....this season.

   However, there is one factor that simply awes me, and it is not the power…