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Collector Alert: A Danger Lurks in the Pokémon and Baseball Card Markets

Hi Folks,
   Like anywhere else that you find a surging market where both price and demand are exceeding the imagination, "bad fruit" always begins to develop.

   Let me give you an example: Why has identity theft become so popular? It is because stealing someones identity and using their cards and finances is very lucrative for folks who have no conscience or don't fear life staring at bars. But take one thief down, 10 more pop up. "Lucrative" was the main concept here.

   Back to our friendly Pokémon market and Baseball Card markets. Let's look at a few examples of Scams I stopped before passing them on to our buyers. Fortunately, I've been around the block enough times to sense a fake and protect our customers, who put their faith in us when confidently purchasing through

   Let me first say here that I did have a bad experience myself when I first started buying Pokémon cards some years back when they really started to take off…

Growing...Cardboard & Coins...Pains!

Hi Folks,
    Happy Love Day to you! We're sorry for all of the changes, and I intend to write everyone back. We've had a mega spike in traffic and sales, far and away more than our current Internet Host could handle, so we had to make a switch on the fly. I'm an undercover Network Engineer geek, so I have taken control of this craziness and moved us to a new and stable host.

   We really appreciate your business, and we love your feedback about how our Free Shipping on EVERY U.S. Order is unique and nobody else offers such a deal. It's because we intend to stay here for quite some time. Heck, I've been collecting since I was a pre-teen, over 30 years ago. I didn't sink all of my allowances into Baseball Cards, Coins, Comics, etc for nothing !!

   As a token of our appreciation, please take 15% off your next order along with free shipping by using 15FREE at checkout! It's our way of spreading the love on love day!

Stick with us....more inventory, more conte…