The 3 Game-Used Cards I'll Never Sell Anywhere, Even on

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   After being surrounded by sports memorabilia for more than a quarter of a century at that time (a few years back), it struck me....."GAME USED" CARDS....this stuff has certifiably been used in real MLB baseball games! The bug for baseball cards was strong, but once the bug for authentic/vintage/original memorabilia and collectibles hit me, I began to stock's how I buy! Well, with the cat out of the bag, here are my Top 3 Favorite Game-Used Cards that I'll never sell anywhere, even on

#1: 2004 Topps Series Stitches Relics #SSR-HK Harmon Killebrew Minnesota Twins Card

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   Sometimes, it all comes down to sentimental value. This is the card that drew me in to the Game-Used, or "GU" market. I've always collected Harmon Killebrew cards, so when I saw a piece of his actual bat on a card, I was mesmerized. Not wanting to buy simulated relics, I flipped over the card and saw the guarantee by Topps that this was truly game used by Killebrew. The price was reasonable, and earned a place in my permanent collection. My fire was lit and now I couldn't be stopped from buying up more GU cards!

#2: 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Swatch Tony Gwynn Jersey Card #SS-TG

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   What more can I say but this; I am in awe of what Tony Gwynn accomplished. Each time I look at his stats I am left scratching my head. How does someone strikeout only about 20 times during an entire season. He must have seen a beach-ball instead of a tiny baseball. He was to hitting as Greg Maddux was to pitching; a clairvoyant scholar of the game with superior intelligence. I'm honored to have his Jersey card and wish he never touched chewing tobacco, which sadly ended his life way too early.

   I picked up this card in Cooperstown when visiting the Hall of Fame with my son last year. What could be a more fitting purchase in "Baseball City" than a GU Tony Gwynn Jersey card?

#3: 2015 Mike Trout Topps Update ALL STAR GAME STITCHES WORKOUT JERSEY LA Angels

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   Mike Trout has already been dubbed, "the best player the game of baseball has ever seen", and is on track to surpass Mickey Mantles lifetime figures in all of the major power offense categories. Add in his over-the-top fielding ability and the kid-like role-model way he carries himself, and they just might have nailed the description of Trout's place in Baseball history.

   When a player like this emerges, it's time to stockpile, and every true stockpile should have a GU item (or many GU items). I won this particular card at an auction, and by auction, I don't mean eBay. I mean a real Auction with a hammer, gavel, and a super-sonic speaking barker running the auction. For those of you out of the New York Metro area.....if you think we speak fast, then check out one of these real auctions. If you can understand them after while (it took me time...there is a learning curve), then us fast talking New Yorkers will be a piece of cake for you!

   Next on my list? Even though I am a die-hard Mets fan, I definitely will be adding some GU Aaron Judge items to my collection. I'm also interested in GU Ty Cobb items, so that fun shopping plan will come into action in the next month or so. What an awesome hobby we have, folks!

What are some of your favorite GU cards? We'd love to hear!

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