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All Rise...Aaron Judge Rookie Cards Defy Gravity & Redefine the Hobby

Hi Folks,
   Welcome back. I don't know about you folks, but have you taken a ride on the Aaron Judge Express yet? When they say, "All Rise" for the Judge, it also has a second meeting, as in All Aaron Judge Rookie Cards Rise (in Value).

   I have been through all Rookie Market Runs, from Mattingly in the 80's to Nomar and Manny, and even as recently as Mr. Kyle Schwarber and Gary Sanchez. Even taking into consideration the amount of interest that focus on Mike Trout and Bryce Harper cards, they have all paled in comparison to the run of Aaron Judge cards.

   On our website,, within 10 minutes of adding Judge Rookies, they were gone! I posted a 2017 Heritage #214 Non-SP, as well as a Super-cool Bowman Refractor and barely took a sip of coffee before I was wrapping up shipments of the Judge.

   So, with the Home Run Derby set for tonight, we just added a brand new batch of Aaron Judge Rookie Cards.

Here are just a few of them:

2014 Bowman Chrome A…