RE-POSTED BY DEMAND: The Essential Card-Seller's Guide - The Top 10 Critical Things You Need When Selling at a Baseball Card Show

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   As the Baseball Card/Sports Card season enters the busiest segment of the year, I have had more than 20 requests (I stopped counting at 20), to re-run a post I did last year that apparently was quite helpful to our fellow brethren in the Hobby. Here, at your request , is the Essential Card-Seller's Guide - The Top 10 Critical Things You Need When Selling at a Baseball Card Show:

   I don't know about you, but I still get those first date jitters the night before selling at a card show. The thought of all of the people, and seeing some great friends and talking sports and cashing out a little, all shares the same headspace with the thought of all of those hours and being cut off from anything outside of my little table-zone. And then the stomach rumbling starts just from the thought of hunger!

   So, in order to combat this psychosis of mine, I made a list of the top 10 things you need to have in place and with you when selling at a Baseball Card show (or Sports c…

Collector Alert: A Danger Lurks in the Pokémon and Baseball Card Markets

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   Like anywhere else that you find a surging market where both price and demand are exceeding the imagination, "bad fruit" always begins to develop.

   Let me give you an example: Why has identity theft become so popular? It is because stealing someones identity and using their cards and finances is very lucrative for folks who have no conscience or don't fear life staring at bars. But take one thief down, 10 more pop up. "Lucrative" was the main concept here.

   Back to our friendly Pokémon market and Baseball Card markets. Let's look at a few examples of Scams I stopped before passing them on to our buyers. Fortunately, I've been around the block enough times to sense a fake and protect our customers, who put their faith in us when confidently purchasing through

   Let me first say here that I did have a bad experience myself when I first started buying Pokémon cards some years back when they really started to take off…

Growing...Cardboard & Coins...Pains!

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    Happy Love Day to you! We're sorry for all of the changes, and I intend to write everyone back. We've had a mega spike in traffic and sales, far and away more than our current Internet Host could handle, so we had to make a switch on the fly. I'm an undercover Network Engineer geek, so I have taken control of this craziness and moved us to a new and stable host.

   We really appreciate your business, and we love your feedback about how our Free Shipping on EVERY U.S. Order is unique and nobody else offers such a deal. It's because we intend to stay here for quite some time. Heck, I've been collecting since I was a pre-teen, over 30 years ago. I didn't sink all of my allowances into Baseball Cards, Coins, Comics, etc for nothing !!

   As a token of our appreciation, please take 15% off your next order along with free shipping by using 15FREE at checkout! It's our way of spreading the love on love day!

Stick with us....more inventory, more conte…

5 Oddball Collectibles Walk into a Bar...

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   Happy Wednesday to you!

   It has been a crazy week in terms of some finds we've added to the website (

   In order to truly relay this to you, I'll continue from the subject line forward: 5 Oddball Collectibles Walk into a Bar...A basketball card, a football card, 2 baseball cards, and a Wheat Cent. Each "bar patron" to be described below.

   A Very Rare Low-POP 1993 Stadium Club Michael Jordan Card. What makes it so special? It is the coveted "MEMBERS ONLY" version. I saw this when visiting some of our partner card-shops, and I knew the variation and the price right away. I made an sweet deal for a less than market price, and in keeping with our mission, I have passed the savings on forward with a still lower than market price. The Rare Jordan Card can be seen or purchased here:

   Now walking in the…

A Message; Collectors of Baseball Cards, Pokémon Cards, Coins & Comics

Hi Folks,
   The Holiday season is right upon us, and I hope you've been enjoying yourselves, or at the very minimum, coping well with the crowds on the roads and in the malls.

   This is a special message for each collector of Baseball Cards/Sports Cards, Pokémon Cards, Coins, and Comic Books.

   To our friends who collect Baseball Cards and Sports Cards, hello my people! May your 2017 be bright, may the paint on your cards be glossy and shiny. May your Chrome cards be void of finger-prints. May all 4 of your corners be sharp, May 2017 be centered, with solid borders all around. May all of your grades contain the word "Mint". Just "Mint", with perhaps a Gem included, as well. May you stock up on the right prospect rookie card, but most of all, may your year be full of Joy!

   To the Pokémon Card collecting segment of our customers, who adore those glistening Ex Cards. I hope 2017 brings you nothing but Rare and Uncommon success, possibly even Ultra Rare. May y…

The Worst Advice About Baseball Cards I've Ever Received

Hi Friends and Fellow Collectors,

   They say it's good to dwell on the positive things in life, but sometimes, it's healthy to hop over to the dark-side for a bit and reflect on some of the wacky (but with good intentions) advice I've received over the years regarding baseball cards, from buying, collecting, investing, and selling. I'll share some of these events chronologically so you can appreciate the time and setting in which I was the recipient of these tidbits of advice.

   Well, about 30 years ago, my aunt and uncle used to come over to my house a couple of times per week, and they brought up the idea that I was spending too much time organizing my cards, building sets and preparing for and selling at card shows. They started hinting about how it might be best for me to start tapering down my collecting habit, since it might be hindering my schoolwork, and really, where was I going in life by collecting and selling baseball cards? Why was that bad advice? What …

9 Striking Similarities Between Baseball Cards and the Stock Market

Hi Friends,

  For those of us who not only collect baseball cards but invest in them as well, it's daunting when you look at the similarities between the Stock Market and the Baseball Card Market. Being a former registered stockbroker for a few years back in the early 90's (yes, during the "JUNK WAX" overproduction era of baseball cards; it's not a coincidence!), I'm able to draw some real parallels, and I'll break them down for you.

1) Players, very simply, are the "Stocks". They are pieces of a whole, but sold individually. If you feel strongly about a player, you invest in him by buying his cards. Simple enough, right?

2) Teams are a collection of players, just like a company is made up of a collection of stocks, or shares in its profit. The better the Team does, the better the stocks fair in the eyes of the public. Some players do outshine the others. We can call them "Preferred Stock" vs. "Common Stock", as they pay divide…