Vintage Baseball Cards by Popular Demand, & $10 Graded Aaron Judge Cards?

Hi folks,

   I have been receiving several messages from folks asking us to add more Vintage Baseball Cards. We are stocked to the teeth with Vintage cards, and so, it is our pleasure to do so. Right now, it takes time, but we are migrating from an archaic (totally 2017!!!) method, onto a new, efficient, Multi-Sim-Chan (Multiple Simultaneous Channel) system, and are in the final stages with our developer on this.

What does this mean for you?

   More products added more frequently, and more of a variety for you to choose from.

The Vintage

   OK, getting back to the vintage cards; We've added cards of Yogi Berra (a 1955 Bowman and a  1960 Topps), Duke Snider, Bob Gibson, Roger Maris, Rod Carew, Ted Kluszewski, and many more. The names/dates are hyperlinked to those specific cards, but there are far more than we have room to list here. Remember...Free Shipping, ANY ORDER.

New Feature

    $10 Graded Aaron Judge Cards? You heard that right! We are in the middle stages of adding a Flash Sa…

20 Athletes Signing Autos Inches Away From Our Booth

Card Show Appearance w/HOF Players Signing Autos
Plus...a Special Gift from CardboardandCoins !

Hi Folks,

   I hope everyone has been well!

   We are happy to announce that we will be making an appearance at the National Card show, a twice per year card show with the venue set at Hofstra University on Saturday 4/21 and Sunday 4/22. For the 1st 10 people that come over to our booth and mention they read this post, you will get a very nice surprise (OK....let's not get silly know it's cards). Yet, some very cool cards, and we are positive you'll love them!

   Preparing for this show has been exhausting. A while back, I posted about the top 10 things you need when selling at a card show but beyond that, you are literally putting prices on 18,000 cards, and that is as time-consuming as anything!

So, who's signing?

   Well, Saturday is very Mets heavy and Sunday is more Yankees heavy.

   Saturday 4/21, the signers will lead off with Hall-of-Famer Roberto Alomar, a…

Update - Scott Kingery, New Mega Star for the Phillies......

Hi Folks,

   Just before Spring Training, I pinned my reputation on Scott Kingery as a superstar (


He did SO WELL, he got an unprecedented contract offer to stay on for 6 years! (

Next Prediction?
Kingery wins '18 NL ROY 

Is this "Mike Trout 2.0" unfolding right in front of our eyes?

Our Next Blog Post is coming up soon....stay tuned!


Phillies Prospect Scott Kingery Might Truly Be "Mike Trout 2.0"

Hi Folks,
   Welcome Back!!

   How many of you have heard of a fella by the name of Mike Trout? He's just the best player in the MLB. Do you have any of his early Rookie cards, Baseball Cards, autos, etc, or did you miss the boat? What if you had a second chance with someone revving up to be just as good or maybe even better than Trout?

   Before I get too far ahead of myself, I'd like to take a look at one of the brightest stars in the Minor Leagues right now, and then see how he ranks vs. the Game's greatest.

First we'll do numbers. Then, the name.

   2016 A+ and AA .281 BA, 5 HR, 46 RBI, 30 SB.
   He slapped 149 hits, with 36 doubles, 3 triples, and an On Base % of .335

   The most recent season stands out and shows hard work results in improvement;

   2017 AA + AAA .304 BA, 26 HR, 65 RBI, 29 SB.
   He also scored 103 Runs, smashed 165 hits, including 29 doubles and 8 triples,
   on his way to a .530 Slugging % and an On Base % of .359


   Before I giv…

Bitcoin Meets Baseball Cards: A Cryptocurrency Love Story

Hi Folks,

    For the sake of this discussion, I’ll assume you have some understanding of what Bitcoin is (a Cryptocurrency), or at least that it has become a popular new payment method

   The Hobby and Collectibles sub-category used to be the largest component of its parent category, the Antiques market Category. In decades past, people from all different walks of life compulsively accumulated large quantities of Antique collectibles. Baseball cards, sports cards, Pokémon cards, U.S Coins, and Comic Books (Sounds all too familiar for me!!). The market had been super-saturated first with collectors-turned-vendors, and then came the over-saturation by moonshot figures of overproduced products. The “Big Boom” of this ‘era’ ran between 1986-1993. During that time in the early 90’s, housewives covered their home furniture with Hummel miniature figurines, antiques and a variety of other shelf-sitters.  Their husbands collected U.S. Coins, vintage toys, and stamps.  Their daughters turned …



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IMPORTANT: 12 Serious Phobias of Baseball Card Collectors and MLB Fans

Hi Folks,
    A little something for your Friday, before you head into the weekend.

IMPORTANT: 12 Serious Phobias of Baseball Card Collectors and MLB Fans

1.  SuspiciousSigneraPhobia - The fear that a player's auto you got through the mail (TTM) was actually done by the Star's Mom.

2.  OMGFinallySPSSPWowaPhobia - The fear of how you will react if you ever pull an SSP. Condition worsens when thoughts stray to /1 or /5 Serial-Numbered SP and SSP cards.

3.  GradeMeGemaPhobia - The fear of getting anything less than 10's on the cards you sent for grading.

4.  GottaGoByeBlackBordersaPhobia - The fear of being at a card show table surrounded by NM-Mint 1971 Topps Baseball cards on sale for 10c per card (Stars included), while regretting you drank a 40 ounce of coffee and 3 bottles of water before you arrived at the show and realizing the bathrooms are all out of order

5.  WhichBoxConfusionaPhobia - The fear of not being able to decide between a Blaster or a Hobby Box. Further worsened…