The Wind-up: National Card Show Weekend at Hofstra

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   Twice a year, collectors in the baseball card world get to experience a smorgasboard of all kinds of cards displayed before them. As far as your eyes can see, it seems, the nearly endless tables of vendors are lined up, and from the moment you walk in, you have that feeling that you've arrived, both physically and mentally.


   The same joy the collector's have at these shows is also experienced from a different perspective by the vendors; they get that little ping in their stomach when you walk in the door! Customers were in full force and everyone was buying.

   A fun thing for everyone was the high-powered autograph line up of Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley, Fergie Jenkins, Bud Harrelson, and a few others on Saturday, and on Sunday, my favorite player, Pete Rose, along with Jose Canseco, Dave Kingman, and a few others. It was baseball bliss!

   I have to wonder; Would that bliss have been shattered if Bud Harrelson signed Sunday instead, and sat close to Rose, the two guys who knuckled it out in a bench-clearning brawl in the 1973 NLCS. I like Bud, but after I saw the ageless powerhouse Rose and the cannon-armed Canseco sitting right next to each other, almost like a man-made wall, I'd say Bud chose the right day to sign.

   It's great walking around and chatting with all of the vendors I've befriended in my years in the industry, but this was not strictly business. I made some great purchases this weekend, such as:
   * 1971 Topps Tom Seaver
   * 1968 Topps Joe Morgan
   * Some very NM++ 1971 & 1972 Topps High Numbers.

   My 8 year old son bought a 1973 Topps Reggie Jackson, as close to Mint as I've seen one, and he even negotiated the price down about 20%. WOW, 3rd grade is really working for him ! He also got, with some help, a "4256" inscribed official bat with Pete Rose signing it for him. I've sworn him to agree to hold on to it and not sell!

   A big Shout-out goes to JP’s Sports & Rock Solid Promotions’ (JPRS) for coordinating one heck of a show and their massive All-Star Autograph line-up. Kudos, Guys!!

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Rob Eisenstein

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