5 Oddball Collectibles Walk into a Bar...

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   It has been a crazy week in terms of some finds we've added to the website (http://www.CardboardandCoins.com).

   In order to truly relay this to you, I'll continue from the subject line forward: 5 Oddball Collectibles Walk into a Bar...A basketball card, a football card, 2 baseball cards, and a Wheat Cent. Each "bar patron" to be described below.

Jordan, Bo, Jefferies, Rocket, and the 1915 Cent...

   A Very Rare Low-POP 1993 Stadium Club Michael Jordan Card. What makes it so special? It is the coveted "MEMBERS ONLY" version. I saw this when visiting some of our partner card-shops, and I knew the variation and the price right away. I made an sweet deal for a less than market price, and in keeping with our mission, I have passed the savings on forward with a still lower than market price. The Rare Jordan Card can be seen or purchased here: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/1993-stadium-club-michael-jordan-hof-members-only-super-rare-low-pop

   Now walking in the bar is Mr. Bo Jackson, wearing his MINOR LEAGUE Memphis Chicks Uniform. Yep, you heard that right...in 1986, before he wore Royals Blue, Bo played with the Chicks. This low-production and very Rare, "Silver Edition" Bo Rookie Card from Time Out Sports can be seen and purchased here: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/1986-memphis-chicks-bo-jackson-rookie-card-card-28-mlb-royals-minor-league-team

   Next comes Gregg Jefferies. Who? Gregg Jefferies was a top prospect for the Mets in the mid-to-late 80's. Gregg comes to us on a 1988 STAR Blue card, which reads "Greg", not "Gregg". Issue #1 is the missing "g" error. Now, when you flip it over to see his stats....nope....it's a blank back card. You have to see this one, folks. It's a hot one! Here is the link: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/1988-star-cards-greg-jefferies-missing-2nd-g-in-1st-name-and-blank-back-card-mets-rookie

   Bring in the Rocket. Raghib "Rocket" Ismail was a lightning fast player for the Raiders in the early 90's. His 1993 Topps Rookie card does garner some attention, but the very rare and coveted version is the Topps Gold version, now conveniently placed on our website for your review and/or purchase, at: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/1993-topps-gold-395-rocket-raghib-ismail-rookie-card-toronto-cfl-raiders-nfl

   The final member of our Bar Room Bash is a rare Semi-Key Date 1915 Lincoln Wheat Cent . In 1915, Babe Ruth was just a Rookie, and the World was involved in a major World War, with only a couple of years until the United States stepped into the fight. In Philadelphia in 1914, 75 Million Pennies were minted, but in 1915, it dipped to merely 29 Million. In 1916, the figure jumped to 131 Million, so you can see just how rare a 1915 Penny actually is. Check out this piece of American History right here: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/rare-1915-lincoln-wheat-cent-world-war-i-reduced-production-awesome-wheat-lines

   Incidentally, once inside the collectibles bar, they ran into a 1972 Topps Tom Seaver In Action Card, and the back of this card has the data for Willie Mays instead of Tom Seaver...ERROR CARD. Oddball indeed, and not listed yet. Want to discuss this card before I list it? Use the form here to request images and further info: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/pages/contact-us

   On that topic, if you are a Seaver Fan, Met's Fan, or Baseball Fan, check out this HIGH GRADE PSA 8 NM-MT 1972 Topps #445 Tom Seaver card we just added: https://www.cardboardandcoins.com/products/1972-topps-445-tom-seaver-tom-terrific-hof-pitcher-new-york-mets-psa-8-nm-mt

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