IMPORTANT: 12 Serious Phobias of Baseball Card Collectors and MLB Fans

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IMPORTANT: 12 Serious Phobias of Baseball Card Collectors and MLB Fans

1.  SuspiciousSigneraPhobia - The fear that a player's auto you got through the mail (TTM) was actually done by the Star's Mom.

2.  OMGFinallySPSSPWowaPhobia - The fear of how you will react if you ever pull an SSP. Condition worsens when thoughts stray to /1 or /5 Serial-Numbered SP and SSP cards.

3.  GradeMeGemaPhobia - The fear of getting anything less than 10's on the cards you sent for grading.

4.  GottaGoByeBlackBordersaPhobia - The fear of being at a card show table surrounded by NM-Mint 1971 Topps Baseball cards on sale for 10c per card (Stars included), while regretting you drank a 40 ounce of coffee and 3 bottles of water before you arrived at the show and realizing the bathrooms are all out of order

5.  WhichBoxConfusionaPhobia - The fear of not being able to decide between a Blaster or a Hobby Box. Further worsened by lack of information on how many Autos or Game-Used Jersey cards are in either of these boxes.

6.  NoRefractorHereaPhobia - The fear of not getting a refractor in your Blaster/Hobby Box, or getting a refractor, but it being the only off-center card in the entire box.

7.  InsertsAbsentaPhobia - The fear of not getting an insert in your Blaster/Hobby Box, not even bottom-of-the-outside-box cards you can cut out.

8.  HeyWhyNotMeaPhobia - The fear of your friend pulling the SSP that you were supposed to get. Made worse when you realize he also wound up with more refractors and serial #'d cards than you.

9.  WhichShowManiaPhobia - The fear of not being able to decide which of two long distance card shows to attend, while your car is in the shop, and a blizzard is paralyzing everything but the two shows.

10. PreShowHustleaPhobia - The fear that you will not be able to put in enough overtime before the show so you can go there flowing with Pesos. Also, the fear of traveling a long distance to a show, only to realize once you get there that you forgot your wallet. Also, the fear of traveling a long distance to a show, only to realize the show is next week, not this week.

11. YankeesPleaseNoaPhobia - Specific to us NY Mets Fans, the fear of the Yankees making the playoffs and not the Mets. Another variation is when a Yankee makes the Hall of Fame (HOF) instead of a Met.

12. Withdrawal - Experienced daily by fanatic Baseball fans, starting from the end of the World Series and lasting until the First day of Spring Training.

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