Update - Scott Kingery, New Mega Star for the Phillies......

Hi Folks,

   Just before Spring Training, I pinned my reputation on Scott Kingery as a superstar (http://blog.cardboardandcoins.com/2018/02/phillies-prospect-scott-kingery-might.html)


   He did SO WELL, he got an unprecedented contract offer to stay on for 6 years! (http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/phillies/scott-kingery-philadelphia-phillies-mlb-prospect-contract-best-position-to-win-20180326.html)

Next Prediction?
Kingery wins '18 NL ROY 

Is this "Mike Trout 2.0" unfolding right in front of our eyes?

Our Next Blog Post is coming up soon....stay tuned!


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